100 First Words For Little New Yorkers Book

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Cities & States Collection 8 x 7 x 1 in Made in Hong Kong
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100 First Words For Little New Yorkers is a must-have for all young Big Apple enthusiasts! From the iconic bagel to the daily commute and all the way uptown to the Cloisters, this book covers it all. We've got city critters and corner store cats, because that's just how we do. But be warned, don't even think about trying to hail a "taxi," it's a "cab" in NYC! Forget about it! This city guide will have little ones saying "yo" and ditching basic words like apple and dog for urban-specific terms like subway, borough, hero, and egg cream (if you know, you know). With quirky illustrations and 100 words straight from the streets, 100 First Words for Little New Yorkers is the ultimate board book for all city-goers and tourists alike.


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